Former Yale Star Reaches Finals of Tennis Tourney

A Harvard nemesis for four years while at Yale, and co-winner of the University Tennis Championship last fall, Bob Freedman 2G.B. will attempt to complete his victory sweep when he meets Varsity Captain Jim Jenkins in the finals of the University Tournament this afternoon.

The match will start at 2:30 o'clock at the Jarvis courts, weather permitting. In the last semi-final, played last week, Freedman easily disposed of the second Crimson Freshman he has met so far, defeating Mal Moley 6-3, 6-1. Before that he had vanquished Jack Lynch, September Freshman from Choate.

Lyle Almost Beat Freedman in '41

Freedman has the enviable record of having defeated all his Crimson opponents during four years of racquet wielding for the Blue. In the spring of 1940, Harris Weston, Harvard's number six singles player, took him to 14-12, 10-8 before succumbling. And in '41, Crimson Captain Sonny Lyle had two match points on the Ell player, but Freedman came through in three sets.

In the finals of the University Tournament last fall, Al Everts and Freedman were one set apiece when Freedman had to stop to go to a class. The deciding set was never played, and since Everts is not playing this year because of the effects of a late summer operation, it will be up to Jenkins to keep the title in the College.

Freedman Has Win Over Jenkins

This summer, in a Varsity match with a Business School team, Freedman defeated Jenkins 9-7, 9-7, and on the basis of this he is rated the favorite today. Freedman's greater experience and capture of the 1941 New England Intercollegiate championship also tend to lengthen the odds on Jenkins.

Both contestants are steady players who prefer to stay at the baseline rather than rush the net, some long rallies seem to be in store at Jarvis this afternoon.

Jenkins had a tough time with Don Daniels in his semi-final match, winning in three close sets with a spirited comeback after being down one set and three games to one in the second set.