Debaters Bow to Rutgers in Sixth Contest of Term

Palestine Immigration Subject Of Last Night's Speeches

Supporting Arab resistance to Jewish immigration into Palestine, a negative due from Rutgers defeated the Debate Council in a contest held last night in Lowell House Junior Common Room.

The Council's affirmative position on the topic: "Resolved, That unlimited immigration into Palestine be allowed," was upheld by Hugh M. Hill '48 and Daniel M. Pierce '49. Philip Kutner and John Mooney were the winning Rutgers debaters.

Improvements that the Zionists have brought to Palestine and "the social and psychological needs of the Jewish displaced persons" were the chief arguments presented to buttress the affirmative case.

Rutgers' victorious team based its case on the proposition that the Arabs were not responsible for the plight of the Jews and that therefore they should not have to bear the full brunt of the solution of the Jewish problem.