B.U. Tramples Crimson Sextet, 10-6

Yardling Six Wallops Milton Academy 7-4

Ninety seconds of fast hockey play at the Arena last night found the Crimson deadlocked with the Boston University powerhouse at one-all, but a sudden Terrier five-goal drive sent the Varsity reeling into its second defeat at these competent hands by a final score of 10 to 6.

At the end of the first canto Coach John Chase's outfit stood at the reverse end of a 7 to 2 taily, and at the conclusion of the second frame things bad bettered little as they still trailed 9 to 3.

Chief reason for the futility of the forward line throughout was the amazing resilience of Terrier goalie Ralph Bevins, who nullified Crimson shots on his stomach, back, and side, even employing his stick in hot situations.

In two afternoon contests, the Freshmen set down Milton Academy 7 to 4, while the Jayvees lost to Exeter 6 to 2.

Hockey Summary B.U. (10)  HARVARD (6) Bevins  g  Chase Gleason  rd  Greeley Jurgelevich  ld  Washburn Cleary  rw  Key Forbes  c  McKean Kirrane  lw  Sears


Harvard Spares: Yetman, Coste, Arnold, Abbott, Moseley, Minot, Coulter, Allen, Mauran, Fletcher, Huntington, Richardson, Staples, Murphy, Key, Weld.

Goals: First Period: Kirrano (Cleary, Forbes), 0.44; Sears (McKean), 1:32; Anderson (unassisted), 3:22; Bell (Anderson), 4:22; Kirrane (Cleary), 7:21; Forbes (Jurgelevich), 8:33; Gibson (Bell), 12:15; Huntington (unassisted), 14; Robinson (Jurgelevich and Gleason), 19:26.

Second Period: Sears (McKean and Key), 1:42; Bell (Gibson and Robinson), 10:16; Hixon (Clopek), 17:47.

Third Period: Key (Sears), 8:17; Bell (Gibson and Robinson), 9:33; Huntington (Coulter), 16:17; Sears (McKean), 19:45.