Crimson Skaters Pillage Rough Fort Devens, 17-2

Either Coach Chase is a master psychologist or the hockey team just got mad by itself, but whatever the reason, it played as though possessed in slaughtering a rough-and-tumble Fort Devens team, 17 to 2 at the Arena last night. Piling up a safe, eight-point lead in the first period, the Crimson kept up a crushing attack right down to the final whistle.

It was the roughest game of the year. Nine penalties, one of them a major, were dished out and there was cause for plenty more, mostly on the visitors. Only in the second period did Harvard's scoring attack bog down, and that frame saw three Crimson cohorts withdrawn due to injuries.

The second line led the attack, paced by center Myles Huntington's three goals and four assists. As usual, Wally Sears shovelled in the high total for the first line, which was aided by the return of Shaw McKean for limited service. Even the defensemen contributed four more.

Crimson Aggressive

Despite the score, Devens men were no lilies, maintaining a bone-crushing offense and defense in the second and third frames. Johnny Chase, who filled the College nets after starter Bill Yetman caught a deflected puck in the face, turned in a superb job in holding them to one goal in two periods.

The Crimson offense made up in aggressiveness for what it lacked in polish. The nine goals in the first period reflect the trend of that frame, as the first two lines played like a team again. The opposition caught fire in the second frame and outplayed the tiring Crimson that was hampered by changes in line personnel. But in the final frame, Harvard regained fervor to take the offense for six more tallies.

The summary: HARVARD (17)    Fort Devens (2) Sears  lw  Metayer Key  c  Devlin McKean  rw  Toohey Washburn  ld  Ellis Greeley  rd  Wakeham Yetman  g  Downes

Harvard spares: Coste, Arnold, Abbott, Moseley, Minot, Coulter, Allen, Ward, Huntington, Chase.

Goals: first period: McKean (Greeley) 1:40; Greeley (Huntington), 3:52; Ward (Minot), 4:10; Abbott (unassisted), 9:50; Toohey (Rogers and Falco), 13:02; Minot (Ward), 13:54; Sears (Allen), Huntington (Moseley and Abbott), 19:30; 15:30; Huntington (unassisted), 19:04; Washburn (Huntington), 19:55. second period: Metayer (Devlin and Roche), 10:34; Abbott (Moseley), 13:45. third period: Coulter (unassisted), 5:16; Minot (Sears), 11:52; Huntington (unassisted), 12:45; Moseley (Abbott and Huntington), 14:43; Sears (Key), 16:10; Sears (Minot and Key), 17:12; Greeley (Huntington), 19:04.