Ruggers Bermuda Bound

Harvard University's Rugby Football Club, known more familiarly as the rugby team, after pre-war years of "unofficial" activity followed by three inactive seasons, has finally emerged from the doldrums with the athletic prize of the decade. Coach Jim Nuland and 17 players will leave by plane from New York March 28, to participate in Bermuda's Rugby Week over the Easter vacation.

With the single exception of Yale's trip to the island last spring, Bermudians and their host of Eastertime visitors have missed the usual Harvard-Yale-Princeton participation in Rugby Week since Britain went to war in 1939.

Actually, because of discrepancy in spring vacations, the H-Y-P teams will not make simultaneous appearances. Rugby Week will be extended over a fortnight, beginning March 26 with the arrival of the Tiger squad.

The trip will not be entirely suntan and palm trees. Team members must pay for the greater part of the air-travel expense, and they can expect five or six tough afternoons on Bermuda sod.

Bermuda's Chamber of Commerce has generously accepted part of the travel expense of the individual players and has arranged for accommodations for the entire team.