Curry Nine Gets 2 Hits; Freshmen Triumph, 7 to 4

Captain Jack Donelan held the Curry College baseball team to two hits yesterday afternoon as the freshmen won, 7 to 4, on Soldiers Field.

The Curry nine, coached by 1946 Harvard football captain Cleo O'Donnell, lurched to a three run lead in the first half of the first inning. A walk, an error, and a home run accounted for the score. After this, they picked up only one scratch single off Donelan's offerings.

The freshmen came right back in the bottom of the inning to go ahead for good, 4 to 3. Carduff's walk was followed by singles by Ralph Robinson, Charlie Walsh, and Henry Young and two more walks. The Crimson negotiated two more runs in the second to salt away Donelan's fourth victory.

Charlie Walsh, playing his third game for the Crimson as catcher, paced the attack with three singles, batting in the cleanup slot.

Henry Young surprised Coach Dolph Samborski by turning up for the game with two good legs and he played the whole game at short, contributing some of the best fielding the day.

This afternoon the B squad will go to Belmont Hill for a game at 3:45 p.m. The batting order will be: Groton 2b, Connolly of, Cook 3b, Harris rf, Wise 1b, Cabot as, Morrison if, Goodman c, and Simonds p.

The squad will break up tomorrow to begin a series between the Carduffs and the Hickeys. The team which wins three games will receive an undisclosed reward at the expense of the losers.

The Hickey team consists of: Cook and Howland, pitchers; Switzer 1b, Groton 2b, Hickey 3b, Cabot ss, Donelan lf, Harris of, Thompson rf, and Morrison reserve outfielder.

The Carduffs are: Webb and Simonds p. Walsh and Stearn c, Wise 1b, Carduff 2b, Trynin 3b, Young ss, Robinson lf, Akillian cf, and Connolly rf.