Claverly Men Can Move Into Houses Next Term

New Ruling Permits More Room Rebates

For the first time in the history of the House system, Claverly Hall residents may enter the Houses at mid-years instead of waiting until next fall, Associate Dean Watson 33 announced yesterday.

This new plan involves two major policy shifts in the entrance requirement for the seven Houses.

1) Claverly men will now fill February vacancies in the entrance requirements for the seven Houses.

2) More House residents who are leaving the College at the end of the fall term may be released from their room contracts.

"Financial Matter"


Provost Buck and Edward R. Reynolds '15, Administrative Vice-President, approved the changes, which Watson termed "a purely financial matter."

Until now, the University held House residents responsible for their vacant room rents "unless suitable replacements could be found." Since Claverly men were not considered suitable February replacements, only Commuters and returning Harvard men (the College admits no new students in February) could fill such vacancies.

Formerly, Claverly men applied to the Houses in the spring with the freshmen, although the Housemasters gave appear-classmen preference.

"I hope Claverly residents will be given preference this year in filling the vacancies," Watson said.

Increase Popularity

This would in effect increase Claverly popularity and make the so-called "out-house" a funnel for the House system. Commuters and returning students would then enter Claverly and wait for a House vacancy.

Watson estimated that the University's financial loss under the new arrangement will be small or none. "Commuters will probably occupy most of the Claverly rooms vacated by men entering the Houses," he explained.