All Applicants Will Get Into House System

Under New Scheme No One Assigned to Claverly Until Fall

All House applications for next fall will be accepted.

For the first time in the history of the House system, the Housemasters will issue no rejection slips this spring, Associate Dean Watson, secretary of the Committee on Houses, announced yesterday.

Some applicants will be admitted as non-resident members, but Housemasters will not assign men to Claverly Hall until next fall.

Previously, House rejects were assigned temporarily to Claverly in the spring. They were affiliated with the House, but were not officially members; sometimes the Claverly man ended up in a different House from the one he was associated with.

Move Will End Confusion


Besides eliminating the freshman's disappointment at not being accepted by a House, Watson said the move will help end the confusion over unexpected vacancies caused by some men dropping out of College during the summer. He pointed out that Housemasters under the present House system never know exactly how many rooms they will have free until September.

The Class of '56 is one of the largest in recent years--1215 Yard residents and commuters against 1114 in '55. Watson estimates there will be 1052 applications from the Yard and an indefinite number from commuters this spring.

Last year there were 952 Yard applications and 74 from commuters. During the summer some students dropped out, and the College ended by assigning 126 men to Claverly.

On March 13, the College will mail out House applications, which are due April 9.