Business School Applications May Break Previous Record

Applications for the Business School's Class of '55 entering in September may reach a record total this spring, Assistant Dean Chapin announced yesterday.

Deadline for filing applications is June 1, but if the present rate continues, Chapin estimates that the total should reach 2,000. There were 1,400 applications last year.

As of yesterday, the Busy School has received 850 applications; at this time last spring there were about 700.

College applications for next fall are also increasing. Earlier this month the Harvard Admissions Office reported more students are applying for admission to the Class of 1957 than to any class since the war a 20 percent rise.

Class Size Constant


There will be no increase in the size of the first year business class, fixed at an inflexible 600. Of these, about 60 places are reserved for the quota of Army, Navy, and Air Force officers sent to the School.

Chapin anticipated a slight increase, perhaps 20, in the number of men returning from military service or business to enter the second year class. This class now numbers 540 men, somewhat below the normal enrollment of about 560. Only men who completed the first year at the Business School can enter the second year class.

Criteria Listed

Applicants to the Business School are chosen on three main criteria: 1.) College record. 2.) Personal interviews (two if possible--with members of the Admissions Board). 3.) Replies given to questions in the six-page Admission Application Blank.

Lewis B. Ward is director of the tenman Admissions Board which interviews applicants in the New England area. Traveling members of the Board conduct single interviews for men who live far away.

Besides the usual questions about scholastic and extra-curricular activities, the application blank asks for essays on a man's summer activities and their importance, his future plans. Included also is the question: "Please relate one or two incidents in which you felt you had some responsibility."