Tennis Team Must Improve to Beat Yale

Coach Jack Barnaby, whose varsity tennis team split six matches over spring vacation against excellent competition, still has a lot to do if his team is going to threaten powerful Yale.

Wet springs for the past two years, the fact the Barnaby had jury duty last full, when he usually forms the doubles combinations, and incomplete attendance on the southern trip, have all combined to make the team less organized than is customary for this time of the season. According to Barnaby, however, "the material is potentially very good."

With numerous test matches coming up, there will most certainly be changes in both the doubles and singles lineups. During the recent southern trip only two doubles teams played consistently well enough to becomes definite starters.

Captain Alex Haegler, currently number three in singles, and Brooks Harries, number two, displayed good teamwork playing first doubles. An injury last year kept Haegler from reaching his peak, but he is, Barnaby said, "potentially as good as anybody." He employs an exceptionally fine forehand. Harris, who also played number two last year, hits a powerful serve and forehand, and his backhand, which was somewhat weak last year, has improved considerably.

Courad Fischer and Steve Kay form the other doubles team that performed well in the south. Fischer, who moved from eight in singles last season to six this year, plays a steady game, while Kay at ten possesses a powerful American Twist serve and an accurate forehand.

Steve Gottlieb, who played number one on the southern trip, will probably remain in that position when the varsity faces M.I.T. Saturday. Number one freshman last year, he is a very precise and accurate player whom Barnaby described as "knowing the game thoroughly."

Though he did, not go on the southern trip, Ham Gravem, the varsity's number one last year, will probably begin at four Saturday. A left-hander, he is very aggressive, with a good net game and a powerful forehand. Maynard Canfield, who won an important match against Navy at number four, will play at five. He played at nine last year, and employs steady ground strokes and a good twisting serve.

Ben Heckscher also did not go south but he will play at seven against M.I.T. Number two freshman last year, he hits a hard serve and forehand. Dan Mayers will follow Heckscher. Tall and experienced, Mayers, who won two matches on the Southern trip, "he shown consistent improvement and steadied his game down considerably," Barnaby said.