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Gain 9th Win

By Gavin R. W. scott

Harvard University defeated North-eastern University by a score of 7 to 0 in an alleged hockey game very late last night at the Boston Garden.

But no one was alleging anything with real conviction, and by the time the alarm clock went off at the end of the game, most of the assorted journalists and hockey enthusiasts who were spectating had slumped into other, more fruitful pastimes, such as sleeping.

The fellows on the ice gave the distinct impression that they were anxious to get back to the books or bed, and the only development of real importance was what has hopefully been called a bad shoulder bruise to Lyle Guttu, who left the rink during the first period.

For the rest, it was slap and slumber for the Harvards, hussle and get penalized for the hapless Northeasterns.

Cooney Weiland, who is coach of the Crimson team, used pretty well all his players in the shinny game. Leslie Duncan, evidently is improving steadily, for he scored two, and Messrs. Guttu (before his early retirement), Fischer, Kelley, Owen, McLaughlin and Spafford all beat the unfortunate Ed Kerr, standing in the Northeastern goal, once each.

Bob Cleary claimed to have been responsible for a goal which the referee refused to recognize because he figured Bob had kicked it in. "I didn't even touch it," said Bob, audibly and even right-eously. Even! But he did get two assists, and some rabble in the south end of the rink asserted from time to time that so long as Cleary is on the ice, he always gets an assist when a goal is scored. The Boston journalists suggested that Harvard Square be renamed in his honor.

Aside from some minor unpleasantness involving Ray Bell, Northeastern defenseman who was penalized three times for slashing and interference, there was little else of interest in the Garden late last night. The Harvard Band, consisting of cymbals, a xylophone, a snare drum, a bass drum, a trumpet, a bag of popcorn and a pint of Ballantine's Scotch, seemed to be in evidence, and number eight of Northeastern, a vigorous little forward, appeared to have a bald head.

Pretty well everyone on both sides played at one time or another during the game, though Arthur Paresky and Foster Yeadon of Northeastern were listed on the program without numbers. After the game, no one quite remembered whether or not Arthur and Foster had seen action.

The "Coming Events" signs, attached lengthwise to the upper balcony, announced that DeMarco and Ortega will fight in the Garden Feb. 9, which is after the exams. That should be a good fight

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