Cornell Editors Deny Gambling Connections

An executive of the Cornell Daily Sun denied yesterday that any members of the Cornell football team were involved in a $250,000 a year gambling scandal which has rocked Ithaca.

He said, however, that the existence of the racket on campus served to inspire the Sun's attempted parody of the CRIMSON last Friday night and to "lend an air of truth to it." The Cornell paper, which was distributed to several Houses before being seized by alert CRIMSON editors, alleged that members of the Harvard football team and four Crimeds were involved in a "fix."

Early this week a report of the New York State Commission of Investigation, released in Ithaca, criticized the mayor and police commissioner for permitting "illegal football-pool gambling on the campus of Cornell University."

A member of the Sun staff said he "doubted that, in real life, football players are connected with the scandal," although they consider the investigation "an invasion of their privacy."