Harvard Professors Serve as Advisers To Sen. Kennedy

A number of Harvard professors are members of an unofficial group of advisers to Senator John F. Kennedy '40. The group, which was organized last year by Earl G. Latham, visiting lecturer on government, prepares positions on public issues for the use of the Senator's office in establishing his own final stand.

The group consists of between 30 and 40 persons in the Boston area, Latham said, but he declined to identify the persons involved beyond stating that they included businessmen and lawyers as well as professors from several universities in the area.

As presently organized, the group is not, Latham emphasized, a high-pressure type campaign committee for Kennedy. Members at this time include Republicans and non-Kennedy-for-President Democrats, as well as Kennedy supporters.

Latham, who was Chairman of the Department of Political Science at Amherst last year, is on leave at Harvard for this term.