18 Sophomores in Gov., Ec. Will Receive Joint Tutorial

Adams, Quincy Begin Co-ordinated Study

Eighteen sophomores--ten in Adams and eight in Quincy House--will receive joint Economics and Government tutorial this term in a co-operative effort by Government and Economics tutors in those Houses.

John N. Plank, head tutor in Government, and Eric Gustafson, instructor in Economics, will merge their Adams House tutorials into a single group studying the topic of "imperialism."

Independently, Clive S. Gray, teaching fellow in Economics, and Luigi R. Einaudi '57, teaching fellow in Government, decided to have their Quincy tutorial groups jointly study the current election campaign.

Plank and Gray yesterday stated that the aim of their joint meetings is to bring both disciplines to bear on areas where they are closely related.

The ten sophomores in Adams House were reported by Plank to be enthusiastic about the program. Government and Economics concentrators will do the same reading and write frequent papers for discussion in the meetings.

Similar to Social Studies

Plank called the tutorial very similar in its interdisciplinary approach to the Social Studies concentration created by the Faculty last spring for 15 honors students.

The Economics sophomores in the joint tutorial in Quincy include only those currently taking Economics 1, according to Gray. Sophomores who have already taken the course will receive a separate tutorial.

Although Gray does not now intend to continue the joint tutorial during the second semester, Plank indicated that the Adams House program would continue in the second semester if the first proved successful, and study development in emerging countries.

There has been no formal Faculty approval of the joint tutorials, Plank said.