Sextet Catches Brown in 4-4 Tie

In the tensest hockey clash to date, the Crimson sextet managed to tie a highly-spirited Brown team 4 to 4 Saturday night at Watson Rink.

The Bruins out-shot and out-hustled their surprised opponents and grabbed an early 4-1 lead, but were unable to prevent a strong Crimson final period.

Brown fans had built themselves up to a state of delirium by the time the game had begun. Then Bruin forward Terry Chapman scored on a hard shot past goalie Godfrey Wood, and the delight on the Brown side of the rink knew no bounds.

Remnants of the Harvard band played a few football songs for moral support, but were drowned out by the screams from the other side. The situation was reversed abruptly, however, when Gene Kinasewich flicked his first goal of the season past goalie John Dunham, at 2:16.

The excitement on both sides rose to a fever ptich. The skating on both teams was fast, but Brown continually beat the Crimson to the puck. At 5:19 defenseman Bryan Smith slapped a hard shot past Wood.

Harvard tempers began to flare, and two Crimson skaters were sent off the ice for interference. With two men down, the defense could not prevent another Brown goal as Chapman flicked a rebound into the corner of the cage.

Harvard pressed hard at the opening of the second period, but failed to notice Chapman slipping behind the Crimson defense. Don Egleston slipped him an easy pass, and Chapman sped down the ice all alone. Wood never saw the puck fly past him.

The high-scoring second line continued to lead the Crimson attack, however, and at 16:35 Bill Lamarche took a pass from Barry Treadwell and shot it into the cage.

After a near-miss by Kinasewich following a beautiful dribbling exhibition, Bill Fryer grabbed a rebound and slipped it past Dunham at 19:26.

Both teams appeared especially apprehensive at the opening of the final period. The first line felt safer with the puck than without, and often hesitated to shoot, and more often to pass.

The second line, however, shot at Dunham again and again. At 2:00 of the third period Treadwell sent a slapper from the left boards, and Bill Lamarche tipped it in for the tying goal.