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Next year's huge freshman class will be housed without any great trouble due to an unexpected increase in the number of rooms which will be available in newly remodeled Weld Hall.

According to Dean von Stade, original plans had called for a total of 39 rooms in new Weld. A decision by the Department of Buildings and Grounds, however, to completely replan the interior of the dormitory will produce more rooms and a proportionally higher capacity. The Dean's Office has been guaranteed a minimum of 47 rooms.

In addition, von Stade stated that 11 rooms in the Yard which had been deconverted this year from triples to doubles could be returned to three-man suites. These spaces plus the number of places in Wold should enable the Office to house the Class of '66--1220 strong--without any real difficulty.

The problem of handling the large class when it moves of the Houses will decrease in difficulty since there will be an increase of only about five or six men per House.

Elliott Perkins, Master of Lowell House, pointed out that the Houses are aleady operating at about 40 per cent above their intended capacity. Thus, a few more wouldn't make much difference, he said.

He scoffed at the idea that subsequent classes would be reduced because of this increase. "We certainly can't take it out of '67's hide."

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