Phi Beta Kappa Elects 91 Seniors

The Harvard Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa yesterday announced the election of 91 graduating seniors to the Alpha Chapter of Massachusetts. Elected were:

Adams House

Ralph L Christy III, of Silver Spring, Maryland (English); James H. Cole, of Newton Center (History); Wesley A. Fisher, of New York City (Social Relations); Barry I. Forman, of Brookline (Philosophy); Jay A. Frogel, of Spring Valley, N.Y. (Astronomy); Stephen M. Gelber, of Los Angeles, Calif, (History and Literature); Allan S. Haley, of Nevada City, Calif, (Music); James H. Kettner, of Saginaw, Michigan (History); Kevin C. McMahon, of Scarsdale, N.Y. (History); Terrence F. Malick, of Bartlesville, Okla. (Philosophy); Alexander J. Nagel, of New York City (Mathematics); Barry F. O'Connell, of Moravia, N.Y. (History and Literature); Rand E. Rosenblatt, of Rome, Italy (Social Studies); Peter H. Weiner, of Los Angeles, Calif. (Social Studies), and Peter B. Windhorst, of Minneapolis, Minn. (History and Literature).

Dudley House

John M. Guckenhoimer, of Dallas, Texas (Mathematics); Adalberto Lopez, of Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico (Social Studies); Frank B. Purcell, of Cambridge (English), and Barry K. Rosen, of Newtonville (Mathematics).

Dunster House

Spencer J. Bloch, of Ossining, N.Y. (Mathematics); Eric S. Brondfield, of Roslyn Heights, N.Y. (Physics); Richard J. Defouw, of Port Washington, N.Y. (Astronomy); Benjamin M. Friedman, of Louisville, Ky. (Economics); William E. Kerstetter Jr., of Greencastle, Ind. (English); E. Perry Link Jr., of Plattsburgh, N.Y. (Philosophy); William G. Quinn Jr., of Chadd's Ford, Pa. (Biology); Charles D. Troob, of Forest Hills, N.Y. (History and Literature), and Robert D. Yee, of San Francisco, Calif. (Biology).

Eliot House

Paul D. Bishop, of Cincinnati, Ohio (History and Literature); Mark N. Blitz, of Woodhaven, N.Y. (Government); David E. Faris, of Denver, Colo. (English); William C. Lance, of Troy, Mich. (Economics), and Theodore M. P. Lee, of Red Wing, Minn. (Physics).

Kirkland House

David A. Benjamin, of Great Neck, N.Y. (History and Literature); John P. Case of new York City (Social Studies); Thomas P. Dickson, of Rhinelander, Wis. (Social Relations and Philosophy); Stephen D. Franklin, of Brookline (Mathematics); Richard A. Glickstein, of Scarsdale, N.Y. (Economics); John A. Katzenellenbogen, of Baltimore, Md. (Chemistry); Alexis P. Malozemoff, of Greenwich, Conn. (Chemistry and Physics); Myron Miller, of New York City (Architectural Sciences); Carl R. Olson, of Seattle, Wash. (English); Richard D. Rippe, of Chappaqua, N.Y. (Economics); John W. Shaw, of Worthington, Ohio (Linguistics and Germanic Lang.), and George G. Weickhardt, of Alexandria, Va. (History).

Leverett House

Morris J. Baller, of Pacific Pallsades, Calif. (History and Lit); Jonathan R. Cohen, of Lexington (Chemistry); Robert H. Edelstein, of Norristown, Ps. (Economics); Gerald J. Elfenhein, of Norristown, Pa. (Chemistry), Daniel M. Fendel, of New York City (Mathematics); Anthony B. Kahn, of Man chester, N.H. (History and Literature); Edward B. Kellogg, of Groton (History and Literature); Nell J. King, of Woodmere, N.Y. (History); Henry A. Lester, of Teaneck, N.J. (Chemistry and Physics); Robert H. Rodgers, of New Haven, Vermont (Classics); William H. Smock, of Ithaca, N.Y. (English); Richard S. Stein, of Lincolnwood, Ill. (Social Relations); Robert S. Stern, of Springfield (Economics); Robert E. Strom, of New York City (Philosophy); Robert B. Waterbor, of Fairless Hills, Pa. (Physics), and John A. Williams, of Rye. N.Y. (English).

Lowell House

John A. Bernstein, of Gloucester (History); Carlton E. DeTar, of Tallahassee Fla. (Chemistry and Physics); James A. Doyle, of Ballard Vale (Biology); Jack S. Fellman, of Dorchester (Linguistics and Near East. Lang.); Douglas W. Hoffman, of Milwaukee Wis. (Government); John A. Howell, of Arlington (Physics); Michael M. Lieber, of Arlington, Va. (Bichemical Sciences); Christopher Mitchell, of New York City (Government); Stuart A. Pizer, of Staten Island, N.Y. (English); Garret D. Rosenblatt, of San Francisco, Calif. (History and Lit.); Steven E. Rubin, of Malden (Biology); and Irving S. Schloss, of Riverdale, N.Y. (History).

Quincy House

Richard A. DeAngelis, of Chevy Chase, Md. (Social Studies); William B. Ginsberg, of Shaker Heights, Ohio (Mathematics); Paul I. Meyer, of University City, Mo. (Government); Walter N. Nichipor, of Fall River (Classics); Stephen J. Suffern, of New York City (Government); Edwin A. Toth, of Cheshire, Conn. (Anthropology); Jose E. Trias, of San Juan, Puerto Rico (Economics); Howard B. Waitzkin, of Akron, Ohio (Social Relations) and Raphael W Zahler, of Little Neck, N.Y. (Mathematics).

Winthrop House

Forrest P. Chisman, of Mont Alto, Pa. (Government); Richard W. Franke, of Kansas City, Mo. (Anthropology); Donald E. Graham, of Washington, D.C. (History and Literature); Roger E. Howe. of Ithaca, N.Y. (Mathematics); Wilbur R. Knorr Jr., of West Islip, N.Y. (History and Science); Eugene E. Leach, of Silver Spring, Md. (History); Richard I. Rabinowitz, of Brooklyn, N.Y. (History and Literature); Peter B. Shalen, of New York City (Mathematics), and W. Frank White, of Canton, Miss. (Social Studies).