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(Special to the CRIMSON)

WASHINGTON, D. C.- The Boston Eight draft file destroyers- including a priest at Harvard- tried unsuccessfully Saturday to surrender to Federal agents here.

"I don't even know whether you're in violation of any law. Is this the draft law you've violated?" a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent said to the group when they asked to be arrested for last weekend's destruction of files at six Boston draft board offices. The FBI agent gave the group the address of their local FBI offices, and told them to turn themselves in there.

The Eight had earlier sent out a leaflet claiming responsibility for the raid. The group's members include the Rev. John Galvani, a Somerville priest who is now a second year student in religion in the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Besides Galvani, one other priest and a nun are members of the group.

"Our action demonstrates that nonviolent civil disobedience can effectively halt injustice, To us, such action is a profound moral and political duty, necessary to exalt life and secure peace." said a statement handed out by the Eight.

An FBI agent said that he could not have arrested the Eight on Saturday even if he had wanted to "No arrest warrant has been issued to our knowledge. No one even knew the names of the alleged Boston Eight before today," he said.


The names of the Eight will be turned over to the U. S. Attorney's Office in Boston, which will then decide whether to issue a warrant, the agent said, "Then we can pick them up."

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