Police Raid Sit-In at Dawn; 250 Arrested, Dozens Injured

Pusey Says Decision Reached at 10 p.m.

More than 400 policemen charged University Hall early this morning and forcibly--and sometimes violently--removed several hundred students who were occupying the building.

Between 250 and 300 people were arrested in the raid, and nearly 75 students were injured.

The arrested students were taken in police paddy wagons and buses directly to district courts in Cambridge.

President Pusey said this morning that the decision to call in police to clear the building came out of the meeting which began yesterday afternoon and ended about 10 p.m. last night. Besides himself, the deans of the Graduate Schools; Dean Ford and Glimp, and other Administration officials were in attendance. "It became clear in the course of the evening that the only possible alternative [to calling in police] was to take no action at all," he said.

An hour before the raid, more than 100 policemen from local suburban forces gathered behind Memorial Hall. There were officers and paddy wagons from Cambridge, Boston, Newton, Somerville, Arlington, Watertown, and the Metropolitan District Commission.

All of the officers had storm helmets, most had gas masks. Patrolmen from Somerville carried large metal shields, and several from other forces carried rifles.

At 4:30, the patrolmen were ordered inside of Memorial Hall to receive instructions. Fifteen minutes later, the police formed a long double line at the west door of Mem Hall. Shortly before five, an officer gave the order to march, and the police marched into the Yard behind the buses carrying State Police.

The police buses and cars parked in the Yard between Widener and Memorial Church, while Cambridge and Boston Police marched into the Yard from the Memorial Church gate.

The suburban police forced about two hundred students away from all four doors of University Hall in several quick thrusts. At that time a number of students were clubbed and thrown from the University Hall steps.

After the doors were cleared the police charged students who were standing on the steps of Thayer Hall. About ten Somerville Police charged into the building with shields and riot sticks. During that charge, several policemen pushed Timothy H. S. Venn '72 from his wheelchair onto the cement.

State Police then formed lines on the Massachusetts Hall side of the University Hall, and on a signal, charged first the north door, then the south.

Starting at about 5:05, about 75 State Police entered University Hall, and began dragging demonstrators out of the building.

The people inside University Hall first heard rumors about the bust at 3:40 a.m. For the next hour, people woke up and milled around the first floor, where they had earlier agreed to make their stand against the police. They sang radical songs, received wet pieces of linen and instructions for there use against tear gas, and the phone numbers of lawyers who had agreed to defend those arrested.

At 4:58 a student rushed in and screamed the "Cops are coming." A moment later the shining blue helmets of the Massachusetts State Police could be seen through the windows. The demonstrators linked arms and started to chant, "Smash ROTC, no expansion."

At 5:05 Dean Glimp, standing outside the Hall with a portable megaphone, said, "You have five minutes to vacate the building." His voice was not audible inside.