Students Occupy University Hall, Eject Deans, Staff from Offices

Ford Orders Yard Gates Locked; All in Hall Face Criminal Charges

Shortly after noon today, more than 100 demonstrators occupied University Hall. As of 6 p.m., the demonstrators numbering 200--down from 350 at 4 p.m.--were still holding the building.

The demonstrators ejected all Administration officials and staff members from the hall, early in the afternoon, some by force.

Before leaving peacefully at 12:50, Dean Glimp several times told the demonstrators that their continued presence in the hall would subject them to disciplinary action. "You are obstructing the movement of individuals in this building. This alone merits disciplinary action. Furthermore, I am now instructing you to get out of here," Glimp said.

Shortly after 4 p.m., Dean Ford ordered the Yard sealed and warned that any students remaining in the building after 4:30 would be subject to charges of criminal trespass. University Policemen locked the Yard gates at 4:30, and only freshmen with bursar's cards were allowed to enter.

The demonstrators within the building did no major damage to offices, although several spray-painted slogans on the walls. Others attempted to erase some of the slogans. Two secretaries leaving the news office in the basement of the building said that some files had been removed from offices in the building for safekeeping elsewhere earlier this morning.


After 3 p.m. most telephones in the building went dead.

Throughout the afternoon, supporters--and some opponents--of the seizure rallied outside the building. A vote at 1:15 found 800 of those outside supporting the occupation, and 400 opposing it. The rally was generally peaceful, although several scuffles occurred, and an effigy of an SDS member was burned at 3 p.m.

The movement into the building came just after the beginning of the rally, which was sponsored by SDS. The rally began at noon with a reading of demands upon the university.

The demonstrators' six demands are:

* "Abolish ROTC immediately by breaking all existing ROTC contracts and not entering into any new ones;

* "Replace all ROTC scholarships with University scholarships;

* "Restore all scholarships to the Paine Hall demonstrators;

* "Roll back rents in Harvard University-owned buildings to the level of January 1, 1968;

* "No destruction of black workers' homes around the Medical School;

* "No destruction of University Road apartments for the construction of the Kennedy School."