Peterson Tells Freshmen End of NROTC Program Will Not Affect Admission

Dr. Chase N. Peterson '52, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aids, said yesterday that he had sent letters to the 21 prospective Harvard freshmen who were awarded Naval ROTC scholarships informing them that their change of status with the Navy "in no way effects our desire to have you at Harvard."

The Navy notified these students on Wednesday that there would be no NROTC freshman class at Harvard next year and advised them to seek admission at another NROTC institution.

All Had Accepted

It those students--all of whom had previously accepted admission here--decide to attend Harvard, they will lose the full honorary scholarships--tuition, books, fees, and $50 per month--offered them by the Navy.

Only sever of the 21 students requested financial assistance from Harvard when they applied. Two were awarded scholarships.


According to Peterson, the Harvard scholarships were awarded solely on the basis of need. NROTC scholarships are not awarded according to need.

Some of the 14 students who did not request financial assistance when they applied to Harvard may still have financial need. "They may not have applied for it because they had the prospect of the Navy scholarship," Peterson said.

According to Peterson, "These students may write and ask for a scholarship." Their requests will be evaluated on the basis of their need.

In most cases where a student is awarded scholarship money both Harvard and another organization, the student forfeits the University money.

If the two students offered money by the University and the Navy choose to attend Harvard, they will receive the Harvard scholarship originally offered, though it may not be as large as the one offered by the Navy. "In that case," Peterson said yesterday, "the student has to compare and make his decision."