Lights Top Navy By Five Lengths

Harvard's lightweight crew trounced Navy by more than five boat lengths in a 2000-meter race Saturday on the Charles to remain unbeaten in three contests this year.

The victory sets the stage for next week's battle with Princeton and Yale for the Goldwaithe Cup. The Tigers-who have won four races this year-and the Elis-who have won three-are also undefeated.

The light crew's win-its 13th consecutive against intercollegiate competition-gave Harvard the Haines Cup title for the 13th straight year.

Choppy water and a 12-knot headwind prevented the lights from jumping off to their usually great start, but by the 500-meter mark Harvard had built a one-length lead over the Midshipmen.

Not Letting Up

Not letting up in the next quarter of the race, the Crimson lights had opened up a three-length lead by the time they sped under the Harvard Street bridge. Coxswain Fred Yalouris then called for 20 power strokes, and by the race's half-way point Harvard was nearly four lengths ahead.

The Crimson crossed the finish line 22.2 seconds ahead of Navy. A Harvard opponent has still not finished within 15 seconds of the lightweight boat.

Ran Away

Harvard's 150-1b, junior varsity, after getting off to a bad start, ran away from crews from Navy and Trinity to sweep the regatta for the lights. The junior varsity beat Navy by about three lengths and Trinity by about 12.

The junior varsity-now 3-0-will receive its first major test next weekend when it faces Yale and Princeton in its division of the Goldwaithe regatta. Yale has convincingly beaten all its junior-varsity opponents this year.

The freshman lightweights did not race the Navy freshmen, but will compete in the Goldwaithe. Cup next week.