Lennie's Back In Eliot


"I know that all these years have passed, but walking into that quad, I can hardly believe it emotionally," said this year's Norton Professor of Poetry as he began a six-week residence in Eliot House Monday.

"I'm overwhelmed by the sumptuousness sad beauty of my room," he added Despite these radical changes, Leonard '39 looked very added as he promised to be available to students and discussed his Spring Lectures on "poetry in the broadest seats."

This term, Bernstein said, he plans to "become a student again," auditing meeting with students, and discussing his ideas on poetry with students and Faculty members so as to "put some of my tentative through Harvard very exacting mill."

The composer and conductor also reminded about his own college days--"the first most including years of my life"--and spoke of the need for scholastic to fight "the greatest danger facing us today, the tolerance of mediocrity."

"It's almost rink-or-swim time," Bernstein said. "It's places like Harvard that can make a difference."