Yale Corporation Reschedules Vote on Coeducation Policies

The Yale Corporation postponed a scheduled vote Saturday on a new coeducation admissions policy until December 9 to give alumni representatives more time to poll their constituents.

After hearing recommendations from students, faculty, administrators and alumni, corporation members were not to choose one of five policies. One proposal suggested sex-blind admissions, two of the other options called for approximately equal admissions quotas for men and women, and the other two mandated minimal cut-backs in the number of men.

A newly-formed Association of Yale Alumni (AYA)--with about 330 men and less than 20 women met last week in New Haven to endorse one of the coeducation options.

Instead, the Association asked the corporation for more time to consider the proposals. "We just elected our first board of officers last Saturday." Frederich P. Rose, the one-week president of the AYA said yesterday. "With 83,000 alumni out there, we decided we needed more time to get their opinions."

In a series of meetings with administrators last week, most students said they favored sex-blind admissions. Mary Arnstein, special assistant to Yale President Kingman Brewster for coeducation, said. The University Committee on Coeducation--composed of students, faculty and administration representatives chosen by Brewster's staff-also endorsed sex-blind admissions.


Rose said the AYA should be ready to make its recommendation by December 1. He said he is now working out procedures for polling alumni opinion.