Crimson Squash Team Wins Intercollegiate Title

Bulldogs Butchered at Meatpacker's Convention

Although the record book will show a 9-0 victory, Harvard's varsity squash team gave a poor performance yesterday against Yale. The win, no matter what shape it came in, brought the Crimson an undefeated season and an intercollegiate team title.

Yale's squash courts buzzed with triumpth after the match. "We won eight matches," the joyful desk attendant reported, and his glee did not subside even after he admitted that the Bulldogs had actually won only eight games.

The Yale Daily News, citing the fact that Penn took only five games from the Crimson, called the loss a moral victory.

Harvard's mediocre showing came on the eve of the intercollegiate championships at West Point, and hopefully the lackluster Yale production will stimulate the Crimson in practice this week.

The only strong performances came from seniors playing their final collegiate matches. Alan Quasha, five, brushed aside Bullpup Seth Walworth, 15-5, 15-10, 15-7, Lowell Pratt breezed through his final match with a three-game sweep at eight, 15-5, 15-10, 15-5.


Crimson manager Jay Stack had harsh words for two entrants in the intercollegiates. Dave Fish and Dan Gordon. The Crimson's captain won his first two games easily, 15-9, 15-11, but he dropped the next two and trailed, 8-10, in the fifth game with Yale captain Charlie Berry.


"I think Fish stepped out for a bite of lunch after the first two games," Stack said of his roommate. "He had Berry running in circles at the start but he played like a plumber at the end."

Gordon, at number four, lost an embarrassing 15-4 opening game to sophomore Bruce Maronpot, and the Crimson junior had to rally from a 2-1 game deficit at intermission to win. "Gordon looked like he was attending a meatpacker's convention," Stack noted insightfully.

Besides Quasha and Pratt, only junior And Weigand, at three, swept his match in three games. Weigand crushed Yale senior Rick Kirkpatrick, 15-8, 15-12, 15-10.

Peter Briggs nearly lost the first game. 16-14, and did lose the second game. 12-15, before he settled down and topped Graham Arader, 15-4, 15-11, to end the match at number one.

Neil Vosters, six: Glen Whitman, seven: and Archive Gwathmey, nine, were pushed into intermission but won in the fourth game.


Six varsity players--Fish, Weigand, Quasha, Vosters, Pratt and Rob Sedgewick, who filled in at ten-- compiled unblemished records. No Crimson racquet man dropped more than a single match this season.

So in a season when individual games lost could be counted on your fingers, yesterday's 9-0 triumph was not a very promising step into the intercollegiates.