Anti-Junta Pickets Hold a Night Vigil Outside Consulate

Chanting "Chile, Greek, Who is next?" about 100 anti-Greek junta demonstrators yesterday maintained a night-long vigil in front of the Greek consulate in Boston.

The protestors, about 20 of them Harvard students, began picketing outside the consulate yesterday at 3 p.m. and said they would stop about 9 a.m. today.

"We want to let the people here know what's happening in Greece, and we also want them to know that U.S. tax money is supporting the fascist junta and killing the Greek people," one Harvard Greek student said. He refused to give his name, saying he feared reprisals from the Greek government.

To obtain information about developments in Greece--which the protestors periodically announced to the crowds--the demonstrators have been telephoning Greece and Europe and have been monitoring BBC radio in London and the German Voice radio from Cologne. "We think American news people should be listening to those news sources which are covering the real news and not just the news the junta government wishes to disseminate," another Greek student said: He also refused to be identified.

Protest Dangers


"I called a friend of mine in Greece who told me that three or four of our friends had been killed," he said. "I know that means that there are many more being killed than just the nine the American news sources have been quoting."

The demonstrators yesterday emphasized the danger facing Greek students who protest in the United States. "They [the Greek government] can take our passports away when we go back home," a third Greek Harvard student said. "That has happened to students who have demonstrated before--not particularly in this country, but in Europe."

The protestors are planning a demonstration in New York Sunday and a teach-in in the Science Center Monday evening.