Higher B&G Costs May Raise Tuition

The heads of Harvard's service departments said yesterday that their operating costs, which are covered in part by tuition and board, have increased 10 to 40 per cent.

These service departments include Buildings and Grounds, which controls energy output and is paying 28 per cent more for fuel; Food Services, whose costs may increase 10 to 15 per cent; and the University Health Services, which will raise its annual fee 40 per cent.

Dean Rosovsky said yesterday that the rising operating costs would cause an increase in tuition and board, but he declined to give an exact estimate of the increase.

Stephen S. J. Hall, vice-president for administration, said yesterday that higher energy cost was the "main culprit" in causing increased costs in the Buildings and Grounds budget.

He said that Harvard's 28 per cent energy overrun will be figured into projected expenses for next year, but added that he did not know how increases in fuel costs would affect tuition and board.


Frank J. Weissbecker, director of Food Services, said yesterday that he has not calculated his department's final cost increase but said that Harvard's board rate would be affected by the 15 per cent a year increase in food prices.

Dr. Warren E. C. Wacker, director of UHS, said yesterday that the base fee for UHS facilities will rise from $115 to $150 to cover a 40 per cent increase in operating costs.

He said the $40 charge for insurance in this year's $155 fee will be made optional