Committee Asks Investigation Of O'Neill's Seminar Remarks

Rabbi Baruch Korff, chairman of the National Citizens Committee for Fairness to the President, has asked for an investigation to determine if House Majority Leader Thomas P. O'Neill (D-Mass.) has had access to confidential evidence regarding the Watergate investigation.

Korff's request came after O'Neill's remarks before an Institute of Politics seminar last week.

In a letter sent to Atty. Gen. William B. Saxbe, Korff quotes O'Neill as saying that special prosecutor Leon Jaworski could have indicted the president.

Letter Quotes O'Neill

The letter states O'Neill said, "From what I've seen the evidence is very damaging."


Korff's letter, which was read into the Congressional Record yesterday by Sen. Carl T. Curtis (R-Neb.), also quotes O'Neill as saying that "rather than see the evidence made public, I think the president will resign."

O'Neill's comments, which were off the record, were reported to the Associated Press by WHRB.

Daniel I. Raviv '75, news director for WHRB, said last night he had no comment on WHRB's release of O'Neill's statement to the press.

Says Quote Is Innacurate

O'Neill said last week that the quote is inaccurate, that he made no such statement and that he has neither seen nor been told of any evidence the special prosecutor may have. He was unavailable for comment last night.

In the on the record portion of the seminar last Monday night, O'Neill said the Nixon administration has been "corrupt and venal," and he called for the president's resignation in the "best interest of the country."

He said Vice President Gerald R. Ford would "give stability to the country and re-establish credibility in government" if he became president