Alumni Families May Not Get Seats at 1974 Commencement

The University Marshal's office may be unable to issue tickets for this year's Commencement to families of Harvard alumni because of the construction of the Nathan M. Pusey Library.

"The number of available seats in the Yard has decreased by about 1200 because of the library construction, and with a large graduating class we will need most of the seats for parents," Bonnibel B. Sack, assistant to the University Marshal, said yesterday.


In addition, there may be no seats for the Cambridge residents-primarily University employees-who usually attend the ceremonies, Sack said.

"On top of the problem of fewer seats," she said, "we have an enthusiastic response from students this year."


Sack said the University Marshal's office would issue whatever tickets remain unclaimed the day before the ceremony to the families of alumni who march in the Commencement procession.

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