Lampoon's Ibis Returns

The Harvard Lampoon Friday recovered its bronze mascot, a three-foot-tall Ibis, after what a Lampoon spokesman called a police stakeout in Saugus. The bird was stolen almost a year ago from its rooftop perch on the Lampoon Castle at 44 Bow St.

A statement from the humor club last night said that tipsters late last week offered information regarding the statue to authorities investigating, the Fogg Museum coin theft of April.

One Lampoon editor said last night that the police were "considering legal measures," in connection with the arrest of three suspects.

A police statement was not available last night.

John W. Gillespie Jr. '75, an editor of the publication, said that the Lampoon had enlisted the aid of International Police at "not much cost." The official statement also cited assistance from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and local and state police.


Gillespie, who said he was not allowed to say anything about the case, noted that a $20,000 reward for information the 'Poon allegedly offered was never awarded.

The bird returned to its post Friday afternoon.