Gold Says Harvard Neglect of Judaism Is Worst in Ivies

Rabbi Ben-Zion Gold, director of Hillel, said last night at a small Currier House dinner that "Judaism is treated worse at Harvard than at any other school in the Ivy League."

Speaking before 20 people, he criticized the Administration for "un-Christian" behavior in "treating the religion of so many people as if it's nothing."

Commenting on Dean Rosovsky's promise September 26 that he would try to avoid scheduling important events on Jewish holidays, after the University held freshman registration on Yom Kippur, Gold said it was "something" but added "no action is being take on the problem of Jews not being a part of the University."

Harvard used to be a purely Christian institution, he said, "now it's open to Jews but it's still Christian. Some Jews say 'it's not so bad' but I don't think any American should accept a 'good enough' situation."

In response to an October letter to The Crimson by Martin L. Kilson, professor of Government, objecting to this year's scheduling of freshman registration on Yom Kippur, Gold said Kilson is the "self appointed Cerberus of Harvard University. Whenever something happens that he doesn't like, he stands up and says something."

Gold also endorsed the recommendations of the University-appointed Stendhal Committee, whiih in 1973 asked Harvard to turn over administration oo Memorial Church to a three-member composed of a Protestant minister, a Catholic priest, and a Jewiih rabbi. The Administration rejected the recommendation that year.