Officials Find H-R Groups Want More Coordination

The Office of Undergraduate Affairs has proposed the formation of an "umbrella" organization designed to coordinate the work of student groups offering peer counselling.

Anita D. Howard, assistant to the dean of undergraduate affairs, said last week in a memo to ten undergraduate organizations she had surveyed that they showed a need for "better coordination of events" and a "forum for the exchange of information" among student advising groups.

In her memo, Howard noted a concern among the participating groups for maintaining their autonomy and for discouraging the growth of a bureaucracy to organize them.

Howard said yesterday the scope of the prospective group would depend on the reaction of the student groups to the proposal when she meets with the groups next Monday.

Marvin N. Bagwell '76, president of the Crimson Key Society, said yesterday that a "coherently structured" "umbrella" group could eliminate "needless overlapping and inter organizational rivalry."


Bagwell cited the "mutual distrust" between the Crimson Key and the Freshman Task Force as an example of what an "umbrella" group could avoid.

Susan F. Feldman '77, vice president of the Crimson Key said yesterday that last year "there was a lack of communication between the two groups which could have been avoided by the presence of an umbrella organization."

"It wasn't a question of mistrust, just a lack of information which led to confusion," she said.

In dealing with University issues, Bagwell said, student groups would have a "more effective voice" if they decide to meet as a unit.

"There is really not a student group on campus now that can comment on the 1-1-2 housing proposal," he said. "The Quad Committee comes under a great deal of criticism because it represents a set group in the community," he added.

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