Chomsky Speaks

The establishment of the Israeli city Yamit in the Sinai is a "declaration of permanent war," Noam Chomsky, MIT professor of Linguistics, said yesterday to an audience of about 200 in the Science Center.

Chomsky said that the "two-state agreement" is the only peaceful "accommodation" possible between Israelis and Palestinians.

But Israel adamantly refuses to accept this policy, Chomsky said, terming this refusal as "suicide."

When asked about last month's U.N. resolution equating Zionism and racism, Chomsky said, "There is no doubt that they [Zionists] are racist."

Most of the countries that voted for this declaration are also racist, Chomsky said. He added that it is laughable when U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Daniel Patrick Moynihan calls Ugandan President I di Amin a "racist murderer."

Chomsky's speech was sponsored by the Committee for Peace and Justice in the Middle East.