Clay is an exhibit of works by undergraduates, done at the Radcliffe Pottery Studio, now on show in the second floor exhibition area at Hilles. The stuff is good--especially the porcelain by Namhi Wagner. But the exhibit is spotty. For example, I've never really been able to get into ceramic feet (with pink toenails yet) with clam shells between the toes. The show's purpose is to get people to sign up for classes at the pottery studio, and it doesn't stand on its own, the way the group showing last spring in Hilles did. But I like the exhibit area in the library and I like seeing it put to use.

Suffolk University is celebrating China Week. In the lobby of the Donahue Building at 41 Temple St., Beacon Hill, there's an exhibit of Chinese crafts, calligraphy and painting, and today at 1 p.m. there's a lecture demostration on Chinese painting and T'ai Chi Chuan, with Chinese food served too.

There's a group show of Erotic Art at the 31 Game Lounge, 31 Providence St. Park Square, through Feb. 28.

The MIT Creative Photography Gallery is having a Father and Son Photography Exhibit. It's works by this photographer from New York named Mike Levins and his four-year-old son named Johnny, who evidently used a push button Canon Dial camera. I always knew New York kids were precocious, but this is ridiculous...Anyway. It's there through Feb. 24.

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