Facility Opens; Use Restricted

The Athletic Department will restrict use of the recently opened weight-lifting room at the Soldiers Field Athletic Complex to varsity team players, possibly for the remainder of the first semester, Kevin W. McCall '76, director of operations, said yesterday.

The room, which is equipped with Olympic freeweights, 11 Nautilus units and a Universal machine, "will definitely be open to all by the second semester," McCall said. "We're in the process of devising a course to be given by the athletic department in the third quarter to show how to use the equipment properly," he added.

Dailey Kennedy '77, assistant director of operations, said yesterday it was in a way unfair that the room was restricted to varsity players but added that the room is inadequately supervised and "it's easy to hurt yourself and the equipment."

"It's ingenious," Frederick B. Cordova '79, a varsity football player, said yesterday. Cordova said the Nautilus continually adjusts weights so that "all of the muscles are worked to their maximum." Cordova said he is looking forward to using the machine today for the first time.

"The Nautilus makes you feel good and hungry afterwards," Joseph F. Jason '77 a varsity football team member said yesterday. Jason said the machine gave him endurance in running and that "it's key asset is it's an extended strength--it doesn't burn your muscles out.