Horner, Bok Appoint Bailey To Direct Women's Institute

President Horner and President Bok said yesterday they have appointed Susan Bailey director of the Office of Institutional Policy Research on Women's Education.

The Office of Institutional Policy Research, established jointly by Harvard and Radcliffe last spring, does research and supplies information on women's education for University administrators.

No Complaints

The Office does not make policies or investigate complaints "but responds to requests from University administrators for research directed toward matters of particular concern to them," Horner said, adding that the Office will also draw attention to particular issues concerning women's education.

The Institute will draw on the already existing scholarly resources at Radcliffe, including the Institute for Independent Studies, the Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America, and the Radcliffe Data Resource and Research Center, an interdisciplinary social-science research proposal.

"I'm interested in the interrelationship of Harvard-Radcliffe students, how they perceive the University and what they feel are important issues," Bailey said yesterday.


Bailey, an administrator in the Connecticut State Department of Education, will assume the position of director on January 1.

"I look forward to the opportunity of studying some of the underlying and complex ways in which a University environment affects the decisions women and men make about their lifestyles, careers, and family patterns," Bailey said.

"Our society is in a state of flux which places in question many previously accepted assumptions about men and women and education," she added.


Horner said yesterday that Bailey "brings a wealth of skill and background in order to address the kinds of questions both in research terms and experiential terms."