Freshman Coat Fund Depleted

Students who need warm clothing, come from a warm climate, and seek financial assistance from the University for buying warm clothes are about a week too late, W.C. Burris Young '55, associate dean of freshmen, said yesterday.

The Freshman Coat Fund was exhausted last week.

Combining the Hanford, Kimbell and Class of '38 funds, the coat fund this year provided about $5000 to students from warm climates who needed money to buy warm coats, boots, gloves and other winter necessities.

Makes a Difference

The fund could keep freshmen from being miserable, Young said, adding, however, that "all people who need help have probably gotten it."

Although no lists are kept, about 75 to 100 students have received aid. Young said he urged recipients when shopping for warm clothes to take along friends who are veterans of New England winters, adding that students ought to purchase their clothes at bargain centers.

The amount of aid is determined by financial need and geographic location. Sums start at about $30 and can reach $100 or more, Young said.

Providing money to freshmen "is one of the pleasures of deaning," Young said, but he added, "If you came in here now in a raggedy T-shirt, I couldn't help you."

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