Harvard Economist Receives Award For Energy Studies

Thomas C. Schelling, professor of Economics, is the 1977 winner of the Frank E. Seidman Distinguished Award for Political Economy.

Schelling received the award for his work which applies economics methods to problems of nuclear power, urban development and racial discrimination, he said yesterday.

The Frank E. Seidman Foundation, which presents the award in association with Southwestern University in Memphis, Tenn., offers a cash prize of $10,000 to each year's winner.

Schelling and 21 other economists met with President Carter on Monday to discuss their recent book on the economics of nuclear energy, Schelling said.

Carter intends to use the book's findings to prepare the administration's statement on energy policy, scheduled for release on April 28, Schelling said.


Schelling's current work relates "models of social processes to public policy issues," he said. His last book, "Arms and Influence," was published ten years ago.

Previous recipients of the Seidman Award include Nobel laureate Gunnar Myrdal and John Kenneth Galbraith, Warburg Professor of Economics Emeritus.