'Playboy' Seeks Women Here To Pose Nude

A Playboy magazine photographer will attempt to recruit Radcliffe students this weekend to pose for the September 1979 issue on "Women of the Ivy League," but Archie C. Epps III, dean of students, said yesterday that the Playboy representative has not asked his office for permission to operate on campus.

"There's no University rule covering it, but common sense should tell people that it's most unwise to participate in such a scheme," Epps said.

Make a Clean Breast

David Chan, the photographer, who has done college profiles of women in the Big Ten and Pacific Ten for Playboy, said yesterday he is here looking for a representative cross-section of photogenic women. "The Ivy League was chosen because there's been a large nation-wide interest for photos of its women. They have a mystique and a special aura about them," Chan said.

A woman who is chosen to pose nude for Chan receives $300.

Chan will be in Cambridge until Monday, setting up interviews with prospective students and canvassing the campus area for "attractive girls."

Jennifer R. Levin '80, President of the Radcliffe Union of Students, said Playboy's efforts are "degrading and exploitative of women."

However, Suzee Gostylo '80 of South House said "it should surprise a lot of guys who have made cruel jokes about Radcliffe women."