Films on South Africa

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The Harvard-Radcliffe Black Students Association (HR-BSA), the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee (DSOC) and the Southern Africa Solidarity Committee (SASC) will jointly sponsor a film series on Southern Africa.

The films, "A Luta Continua," "Free Namibia," "South Africa: The Rising Tide" and "Six Days is Soweto," "show liberation struggles all over Southern Africa and how they have been working." Cindy Ruskin '79, a SASC representative, said yesterday.

The series will begin at 7:30 p.m. each night starting tomorrow with a discussion session after each film and literature.

Following the film Wednesday night, Nichael Morgan, a deserter from the South African army will speak, and on Friday Sean Gervasi, an advisor to the African delegates to the United Nations (U.N.), and former Executive Director of the Namibia Committee of the U.N., will speak.

The film series marks the first joint educational effort of HR-BSA, DSOC, and SASC. The groups united earlier in the fall to coordinate the Kennedy School demonstration. "This is the beginning of our being more serious about working together." Aaron A. Estis '80, and HR-BSA board member, said yesterday.


The groups plan to sponsor more joint activities in the future, Daniel A. Lashof '81, of DSOC, said yesterday, adding that DSOC "will continue to work closely with SASC and BSA."

Next week DSOC and SASC will cosponsor a picket or recruitment representatives from Chase Manhattan Bank. In addition, the groups are working together on a petition drive.