Spiritual Master Gives Books To the Divinity School Library

Sri Chinmoy, Indian spiritual master and director of the United Nations Meditation Group, gave one copy of each of his 300 books to the University at a ceremony in Hilles Library yesterday afternoon.

The books were presented to Krister Stendhal, dean of the Divinity School, and and Peter L. Oliver, librarian of the Andover-Harvard Theological Library.


"This collection makes some of my colleagues realize they're not as prolific as they thought they were," Stendhal said.

"There is an interest on the part of our students in non-Judeo-Christian religions," Oliver said. "This collection will help us meet it." The books will be ready for circulation within six weeks, he added.



Chinmoy, who addressed the audience as "esteemed friends" and "compassionate brothers," said his writings were "founded upon my aspiration for the total embodiment of divinity."

The books contain Chinmoy's philosophy, poems, short stories, plays and lectures, said Kevin A. Keefe, program co-ordinator for the United Nations Meditation Group and a disciple of the Yogi.

Books Unveiled

The presentation took place in the penthouse of Hilles, where samples of Chinmoy's artwork are on display. The books were stacked in a single column and covered by a white veil, which one of Chinmoy's disciples removed as the Yogi spoke.

Before he spoke, Chinmoy played three pieces on an esraj, an Indian string instrument similar to the sitar.

In addition to these 300 books, Chinmoy has completed 8500 poems, 2000 songs, and over 130,000 paintings during his career, the Chinmoy Centre stated last week.