Senator Says U.S. Spends Too Much In Defense Budget

A "macho" attitude in the United States currently is hindering our attempts to limit the production of armaments, Sen. John C. Culver '54 (D-Iowa) said yesterday before a group of about 40 people in a meeting sponsored by the Center for International Affairs.

"It was difficult for Americans to accept the Vietnam incident. This macho mood makes people spend anything for defense," Culver said.

Culver is currently working to pass legislation that will cut U.S. spending for more armaments. "We still seem to have a psychological need to be stronger than the Russians," he added.

The United States and Russia are holding the second series of Strategic Arms Limitations Treaty (SALT) talks. "Some of our people still believe in U.S. superiority. It's mindless," Culver said.

The Soviet Union is reported to have approximately 3000 warheads. The U.S. has over 9000. Each warhead is more powerful than the bombs used in Hiroshima in World War II, Culver said.