National Grant Helps Women's Library Stock

Radcliffe College will receive a $16,000 grant to the Schlesinger Library for the collection of historical information on women's organizations.

The grant, from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, will supply funds for a one-year project enabling archivist Katherine Kraft to work with the National Organization for Women (NOW) in up-dating the library's collection of information on women's organizations, projects director Eva Moseley said in a press release yesterday.

Using funds from the grant, the library will hire a new staff member to gather records of the National Abortion Rights Action League, the Women's Equity Action League and the now-defunct Society for Humane Abortion, Mosely said.

"It's really a lot of collection and bringing current information in, and filing," Patricia M. King '59, director of the Schlesinger Library, said yesterday

"It's unglamorous kind of work but essential," she added.

The Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger library on the History of Women in America is a research facility that collects, preserves, and makes available for research materials documenting the activities of women in the United States from 1820 to the present. The library was founded in 1938.