Last Khmer Rouge Cities Fall; Loyalists Plan Guerilla War

BANGKOK, Thailand--Vietnamese troops captured the last urban stronghold of the defeated Cambodian government's forces, but the retreating soldiers struck back in isolated attacks and set up mountain and island guerilla bases to carry on the war, Thai sources said yesterday.

"We will fight until we die," one of the Cambodian loyalists near the Thai border reportedly said.

In New York Cambodian Prince Norodom Sihanouk, who came to the United Nations to plead for aid against the invasion, received treatment yesterday at Lenox Hill for "extreme stress and exhaustion," Dr. Michael S. Bruno said.

Hospital officials did not disclose details on Sihanouk's condition.

Home Boys

Reports said 10 battalions of "Khmer Krom"--Cambodians who have resided in southern Vietnam--had recently been moved into Cambodia and might serve as occupation troops in an effort to present the war as strictly a Cambodian affair.

The official media of the new Phnom Penh government claimed people throughout Cambodia rejoiced at the downfall of the Pol Pot government--an ouster engineered by the Vietnamese, neighbors for whom Cambodians have a deep-seated historical hatred.

In Moscow, the Communist party newspaper Pravda said events in Cambodia marked "a victory over the reactionary dictatorial regime of Peking puppets." The Soviets recently signed a friendship and cooperation treaty with Vietnam.

On the Pop Charts

Radio broadcasts by the new government repeated that freedom would be restored in Cambodia. The radio played songs about the cruelty of the former leaders and about an upcoming revival of traditional Cambodian life, including "A Mother's Call to Her Beloved Son to Rally to the Front to Save the Cambodian Motherland From Destruction."