Bok Refuses Student Request For Input on Quincy Master

A Quincy House resident received a letter from President Bok last week denying a request that representatives from the Quincy Senior and Junior Common Rooms sit on the committee to select the new house master.

Representatives from the two common rooms made the request two weeks ago to insure their involvement in choosing a new master. Charles W. Dunn, Robinson Professor of Celtic Languages and Literatures, announced this fall that he will retire as Quincy House master at the end of this year.

Paul C. Clements '82-2, Junior Common Room member, said yesterday the letter he received from President Bok indicated that although the administration will not permit a house representative to sit on the Master Selection Committee, a representative from each of the common rooms will be invited to meet with the committee to discuss leading candidates.

Elliot Forbes, Peabody Professor of Music and Senior Common Room member, said yesterday he received a similar letter from President Bok. He added that he was pleased with the contents of the letter, but denied further comment until he notifies the member of the Senior Common Room tonight.

Clements said he was disappointed no Common Room member will be added to the Committee, but added "It's quite probable things will turn out for the best."


Clements said he was not surprised by Bok's decision because he "thought they would prefer to leave final say to the administration."

Willa Brown '81, House committee chairman, said yesterday that Thomas A. Dingman, assistant dean of the College, notified her this week that one representative from each of the common rooms would meet with Dean Fox this week and with the Master Selection Committee Monday.

Brown added that she was optimistic that student views would be considered, adding, "We are developing a good rapport with Dean Fox."

"It doesn't surprise me," Jeffrey Savit '82, House committee member, said, adding, "If I were President Bok, I wouldn't want a student on the committee either."