Tickets to Leverett

Leverett House Committee members will go door-to-door in the House next week to raise money to balance the committee's budget.

Frank DeGiacomo '82, House treasurer, said Sunday. "The main reason for the current lack of funds lies in inflation. The committee did not engage in any more spending than in previous years; the problem is just that the same activities--dances, ice cream bashes, student-faculty dinners--now cost more to run. Meanwhile, the House's main source of income, pinball and washing machines, have netted the same revenue for the past six years."

Committee members will sell "participation cards" to raise money, DeGiacomo said. "Because the committee decided not to give any special privileges to holders of the cards, the cards will serve as tokens of appreciation," he said, adding, "Collectors will ask residents to give anything up to $3 in order to help finance general House activities."

Joan K. Flectner, secretary to the Leverett House master, said yesterday the master's office has tentatively approved the project. "The office needs more current information before it can ascertain if any rules are going to be broken and before they can give their final approval," she added.

One student who asked to remain unidentified said Sunday, "I didn't know about the program, but I refuse to support an alcoholic activities fund."


Kevin L. Porter '82, another Leverett resident, said yesterday, "The House really needs the money for important social functions, and though the method is awkward, I'll gladly support them."

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