Winter Fast Proceeds to Aid Oxfam's Salvadoran Refugees

The Harvard-Radcliffe Committee on Central America will organize this December's traditional undergraduate fast to support Oxfam's eighth annual Fast for a World Harvest.

All proceeds raised in Harvard's fast will be sent to Oxfam-supported Honduran border camps for Salvadoran refugees, committee spokesman Todd M. Truesdale '84, said earlier this week. Last year's fast raised approximately $1500 for Oxfam.

Truesdale added that his group's "move away from a political focus to one that is more humanitarian" led the committee to support the early winter fast for the first time, and that the committee hoped to enlist the support of other undergraduate organizations.

After "assurances that there would be no political overtones" the Harvard-Radcliffe Christian Fellowship agreed earlier this week to co-sponsor the fast, Truesdale said. The committee has approached other campus religious groups for support, and "expects cooperation from the Radcliffe Union of Students and Harvard Hunger Action" after these groups receive their members' consent, he added. organization," although they hope to take part in the December fast.

The committee hopes to hold the Harvard fast on December 15, pending final approval from the Harvard Food Services.


Frank J. Weissbecker, director of Harvard Food Services said Wednesday his office will contribute $1.20 for each student who fasts. Twelve hundred undergraduates must sign up to fast by-December 8th before Food Services can make their contribution.

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