Palm Springs, Anyone?



"Boston Red Sox, Sandy speaking. May I help you?"

"Uh, yes. Hello Sandy, I'am calling from The Harvard Crimson. I'm coming down to Florida over spring break and I wondered about setting up some interviews with a few of the players. I've never been to spring training you know. High school vacations, they were in April. In April, Florida doesn't have much to offer besides Lion Country Safari and a few pretty girls. Well, maybe more than a few. But March. Baseball..."

"Well, some interviews can probably be arranged. Let me check that for you. Harvard, right?"

"Yah, that's it. Hey, by the way Sandy, how the old Bosox doing these days? I've been so wrapped up in ECAC hockey and Folk and Myth 100 that I'm not really up on the baseball news."


"Oh, the usual. Rice is belting the ball and the execs. Hold please." Click. Boy that Jim Rice. Always a hitter.

Click. "Hello. Mr. Crimson?"

"Right here."

"Mr.Sullivan will speak with you now."

"Mr. Sullivan? Haywood Sullivan?"

"That's right. Hold for a moment please. "Click. Rrrring.

"Hello, Haywood Sullivan speaking."

"Hi Mr. Sullivan. I'am calling from The Harward Crimson. I'm going to be in Florida next week and I was wondering about setting up interviews with a few of the players."

"I think that can be arranged. Who did you want to talk to?"

"Well, how about starting with old number 19, Freddy Lynn? You know, picture-perfect swing, best damn centerfielder around."