Residents Have Mixed Reactions To New House Dues at Eliot

The Eliot House Command this week stood by its recent decision to enforce house dues by excluding non-paying residents from House residents to call a House referendum on the matter.

Several residents had complained that the $10 annual dues were "inequitable," at this week's House committee meeting. One resident said the House committee was "inviting itself into our pockets," adding, "It shouldn't cost us any more to live here than anywhere else,"

The new dues go to support such House functions as the traditional Halloween dance, the annual Christmas barf, and the lavish spring fete, all of which have previously been funded by House money, which is at the House master's discretion. But House Committee members said Alan E. Heimert'49. master of Eliot House, had announced this year that the funds available in him would not cover dusts.

Heltner was unavailable for comment yesterday.

House Continue Chairman Janet '84 said yesterday that some residents had complained that some House events were unnecessarily extravagant. But most Eliot resident are "proud" that their spring late is the most extravagant event on campus. Abrams added.

The extra money will give the House committee "a little more autonomy." Abrams added, saying the dues apply only for this year and set no precedent.

Eliot House resident Rchecca E. Campbell '84 said of the dues. 'I don't mind too much--it's just a more point way to pay at the dancer.

Some other Houses, such as North and South, charge does on informal basis Each North House dominators charges a milk and cooker" Icy which saries from 512 to 520, for those who sat the studies required although Mark G. Kortepeler 83, treasurer of Noth House committee admits their inability to enforce the dees.

But it they don't pass how can likes come to milk and cokes with a good conscience? Korterpeter added.

South House asks $10 from each resident. $6 of whicfh stays within the separate South House dormators and $4 of which goes to a general Hous commince land.

However, Elizaheth Garvey 83. Winthrop House Commutee chairman, said House dues would only create unimosly in the House" because people and not walling in put out money when they don't know excatly what is's ging for."