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Blames 'Vigilante Action' for Conviction

By Marns F. Cohen

Millionaire socialite Claus Von Bulow was convicted of attempted murder earlier this year because of a vigilante action. Alan M Dershowitz professor of Law charged this week.

Dershowitz who last summer joined the defense team for the 56-year-old financial consultant's April appeal alleged that key evidence in the sensational trial was illegally obtained and limited before Von Bulow's too.

Von Bulow was convicted March 16 of attempting to kill has wealthy wife. Martha "sunny" Von Bulow, try injecting her within slum while she was asleep.

Martha Von Bulow is still in a coma in a New York hospital. Claus yon Bulow would have inherited $14 million had his wife died and had he not been convicted of the attempted-murder charge.

In preliminary papers filed with the Rhode Island Supreme Court this week. Dershowitz wrote that Claus Von Bulow a stepson and a private investigator had illegally obtained a key piece of evidence in the original trial-an insulin-tainted hypodermic needle.

That pair, according to Dershowitz, allegedly mishandled the needle so that several fingerprints-wheels Dershowitz clams would prove his client innocent were erased.

If anyone injected has wile with insulin it was Martha Von Bulim herself," Dershowitz said in an interview earlier this week.

The prosecution here no concrete evident. Such a witness, he said," They just have a theory. While the overwhelming evidence suggests he is innocent," he asked

In the original treat, medical experts testified for the defense that psychologically troubled people had been known to inject themselves with insulin. Dershowitz wrote.

Stephen R. Earningteni, prosecutor for the state's Attorney General's Office declined to comment any aspect of Dershowitz arguments.

Dershowitz preliminary argument contends that the commenly that have been caused by insulin injections, but together by a dangerous combination of drugs that Martha Non Bulow used.

In addition to concern over the Von Bulow case's constitutional questions about the role of private citizens on investigations. Dershowitz said loop the case because of its intellectual challenge. "The case is a great whodunit he added.

Dershowritz appeared in the public eye two years ago for his successful defense of two University students who were prosecuted for showing the movie Deep Throat in Quincy House.

Now he is also considering defending Jack Abbot, a convict tunnel-writer who is now charged with murder.

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